Protective Services

Protective Services are services and resources aimed at eliminating, reducing and protecting individuals from neglect and from physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse. Protective services also include ensuring individuals’ rights to qualified services and quality care.

Child-at-Risk Hotline

Child-at-Risk Hotline is a program of the Department of Children and Families (DCF), the agency responsible for protecting children from child abuse and neglect. To report abuse or neglect, call the Child-at-Risk Hotline anytime of the day or night at 800-792-5200.

Consumer Assistance Program and Support (CAPS)

Consumer Assistance Program and Support (CAPS) offers counselors whose responsibility is to ensure that staff of the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind and the legally blind community work together in achieving common goals. CAPS assists consumers with individual complaints by advising them of their rights and responsibilities. CAPS is available through the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind.

Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC)

Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC) protects adults with disabilities from the abusive acts or omissions of their caregivers through investigation, oversight, public awareness and prevention.The agency receives reports, conducts investigations, provides protective services, and provides training and education.  

Health Care Quality and Safety 

Health Care Quality and Safety is an initiative to ensure high quality health care through licensing and monitoring of health care facilities and programs. Health Care Quality and Safety programs are administered by the Department of Public Health. 

Investigation Units

Investigation Units are housed at the Department of Developmental Services, the Department of Mental Health, and Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission to investigate allegations of abuse and neglect and provide services to abused individuals. 

One Care Ombudsman (OCO) 

One Care Ombudsman (OCO) is an independent program that helps individuals, their significant others and representatives address concerns or conflicts that may interfere with their enrollment in One Care or their access to One Care benefits and services. 

Ombudsman Services

Ombudsman Services include investigation and resolution of reports of abuse and neglect and are available to elders living in community residences, assisted living facilities, and long-term care facilities. The Ombudsman Program is administered by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. 

Protective Services Program (EOEA)

Protective Services Program (EOEA) responds to reports of elder abuse and is made up of 22 Protective Service agencies located throughout the Commonwealth. The Protective Services Program aims to remedy or alleviate abusive situations and prevent the reoccurrence of abuse. It is administered by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

Protective Services Program (MRC)

Protective Services Program (MRC) conducts investigations of allegations of abuse such as acts of physical, sexual, emotional, verbal abuse and omission by a caregiver of a person with a physical disability. Protective Services Program is run by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission in collaboration with the Disabled Persons Protection Commission.